Towing a caravan

Towing with a front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle - benefits and disadvantages

towing a caravan through river

There are several ways in which a caravan can be towed with towbars. It can be towed with a front wheel drive, with a rear wheel drive or with an all wheel drive vehicle. Therefore if you intend on towing a camper trailer (you might like to read our article about camper trailers) you must understand a few basic things. The first and most important thing to understand is that driving the tow vehicle by itself is quite different from driving a combination of the tow vehicle and the caravan (together) using a towbar. Caravans these days are fully equipped and modern in their style. This makes them heavier. Although there are several types of tow vehicles the 2 major types are four wheel and two wheel drives. It becomes imperative then to ensure that the tow vehicle is compatible with the camper trailer to be towed. This will ensure that both your caravan and tow vehicle are safe.

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The suggested features for your towing vehicle could be a petrol engine or a turbo technology diesel engine, an automatic gear box is recommended for towing of larger trailers or caravans. This is so that the vehicle driver does not have to worry about which gear the vehicle is in and can concentrate on the road. The distribution hitch should be a good one and should have a towball to allow for pivoting of the attached trailer. This is so that the rear of the vehicle does not droop.

Four wheel drives offer two types of drives- the front wheel drive and the rear wheel drive. These are defined basis the layout of the vehicle and the distribution of power to the wheel of the vehicle. The most in style layout for cars nowadays is the front wheel drive. In such a type of car the front axle has the engine also in front thereby only the front wheel being used. Such cars however do not have too much power because their design restricts the quantity of torque that can be made use of. The advantages of the front wheel drive are less weight, better fuel efficiency, lesser cost, more efficient drive train and better traction. The disadvantages are not having enough weight shifting, reduced traction on uphill road and wear and tear of CV joints.

Rear wheel drives are mainly for speed and acceleration. In rear wheel drives the engine is usually placed in front with the drive wheels in the rear. They are connected by a differential. The advantages of a rear wheel drive are equal weight distribution, transfer of weight while accelerating, a smaller steering radius, better braking and better towing. The disadvantages of rear wheel drives are fishtailing may occur, loss of traction on different surfaces, the weight is increased and incorrect weight distribution.

It is not true that huge caravans can only be towed by four wheel drives, they can be towed by two wheel sedan type drives as well. Many sedan type vehicles present the all wheel drive. This means a front wheel drive with support from the rear wheel drive. In such a scenario this is not known to be a very good kind of tow vehicle. The reason for this is that while driving uphill the grip and weight of camper trailers should be on the rear wheel. Although front wheel drives are looked upon with a lot of doubt, if the system of weight distribution of taken care of then there should be no problem. In case the weight distribution is not done properly there are chances of extra pressure on the rear of the towing vehicle making towing difficult.

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