Rain water tanks and water scarcity

It appears that people of certain cities in Australia have demonstrably understood the need for storing rain water for many of their uses. Especially, residents of cities like Brisbane have rain water tanks in their houses. Rainfall in these cities is less than the national and global averages and hence, there is water scarcity during some months of the year. So, whenever rainfall is there, the water that falls from the rooftops of the homes is collected in these water tanks. Water Tanks can be purchased throughout Australia and most parts of Brisbane from companies like Tankworks, Bunnings or The Water Tank Factory, and the water collected is used for gardening, for swimming pools and for purposes like washing vehicles, clothes and vessels. Thus, the pressure on the public water supply is reduced. The water that is supplied through the public water supply system can be exclusively used for drinking and cooking purposes. So, you need not incur more expenses towards your water bill. Some Brisbane residents use the water stored in water tanks for drinking and cooking purposes also by purifying it.

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A few decades back, these rain water tanks used were made with materials like concrete, galvanized steel or polyethylene. Though these tanks are still being used, stainless steel and fiberglass are also used now for making them. Since the water stored in these tanks is not exposed to sunlight, there is no question of algae formation in it. Likewise, tanks of earlier times used to be above the ground but, thanks to technological advancements, you have underground water tanks also at present. These underground water tanks save a lot of space.

Some people may not have sufficient space in their homes and for them, slimline water tanks will be highly useful. Since most of these rain water tanks are usually resistant to rusting or the effects of chemicals, you need not worry about about these problems also.

In general, these tanks are covered well and so, contaminants may not get into them. Additionally, if you install a purification system, you can get pure and safe water for drinking and cooking purposes also.

You can get rainwater tanks of various sizes. You have tanks of sizes ranging from 400 litres to millions of liters. You should take into account your need for water and also the space available in your house for buying your water tanks. You should not end up buying small tanks and again suffer due to scarcity of water. At the same time, you should not buy a huge tank that can not be accommodated in your house. So, before buying your rain water tank, you should have the right measurements with you or if necessary, you can consult an expert to make a decision about the size of the tank you require.

Internet is a good source from which you can get all the details about these tanks. You can know the features as well as the costs of the various tanks available in the market and depending upon the size and shape of your house, you can choose the right tank that caters perfectly to your requirements. These tanks come in various shapes also and according to the shape of your house, you can choose the tank of the appropriate shape. 



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